Stuffed Puggle

Stuffed Puggle Cuddly, cute and playful. Soft plush with an emotional connection from Nat & Jules. 12 Inches Long.

Stuffed Schnauzer

Stuffed Schnauzer European style quality from Hansa. Lovingly designed from portraits of real Schnauzers. Hand made in small lots. Grey. 17 Inches Long. 14 Inches Tall.

Stuffed Dutch Smoushond

Stuffed Dutch Smoushond Sedgewick is a soft cuddly plush dog from the Douglas Classics Collection. 10 Inches Long, Nose to Tail.

Stuffed Bichon

Stuffed Bichon A fluffy white bundle of love. Crafted in ultra soft Caress material from Russ Berrie. Surface washable. 12 Inches Long. 10 Inches Tall.