MULTIFEED_START_1_Skeledog DogMULTIFEED_END_1_ MULTIFEED_START_2_Available in pet sizes Small, Medium, and Large. Includes: black t-shirt with skeleton print.MULTIFEED_END_2_


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Skeledog DogMULTIFEED_END_1_

Halloween Costumes for Bad, Evil or Scary Dogs

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Nylabone(reg) Puppy Fish(tm) Flexible Dog Chew Toy

Veterinarian recommended toy is specifically designed for teething puppies. Assists in the growth and development of your puppy’s teeth and jaws. Has an irresistible bacon flavor and unique glow-in-the-dark skeleton (expose to light first for skeleton glow).Product not intended for strong puppy chewers or by puppies with any adult teeth. This is not a consumable product, but small shavings (no larger than a grain of rice) should pass through. Replace when edges are significantly worn down.Made of inert soft thermoplastic polymer, natural flavors, and non-toxic luminous powder.

Maxi Puppy Formula by Royal Canin

Large breed puppies take 14-18 months to fully develop. During this crucial time of growth they require specifically adapted nutrition. Maxi provides high protein for strong muscles and bones while calcium and phosphorous build a solid skeleton and teeth. A unique combination of natural ingredients helps guarantee maximum digestive safety for those sensitive pups. Mannan Oligosaccharides (yeast extracts) may also help to build the puppy’s natural defenses by increasing the quantity of antibodies and promote the development of beneficial intestinal flora. Feed according to package directions.

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