Rottweiller Luggage Tag

Don’t all suitcases look alike as they come down the baggage carousel? The adorable pooches on these luggage tags will help you quickly identify your bag anytime. Buy several of these sturdy, laminated tags featuring your favorite breed for all your suitcases, pet carriers, backpacks, gym bags, and golf bags.

Take Your Pet With You In Deluxe Pet Carriers

Oh, my goodness! Have you checked out all of the amazing pet carriers that are available at There are so many to choose from that I don’t know if I could pick just one! When I think of a pet carrier, the picture I get is the sturdy plastic Vari-kennels which is what I own and use. [DFR::458772520-11035-ss|align_right_1]These carriers are great and an absolute necessity for certain situations, but these new pet carriers are absolutely awesome! These remarkable carriers don’t even resemble the pet carriers I am familiar with.[DFR::PCH007-1641-pj|align_left_1] For instance, the PuchiBag Martini Chocolate Croc Pet Carrier would really pass for a fashionable handbag. This carrier is absolutely gorgeous and no one will no that you are toting your precious pup!

Going for a hike in the woods? [DFR::PEG027-1641-pj|align_right_1]Take your dog along in the Bitty Bag Pet Bag. This fun pet carrier comes with adjustable shoulder straps for your comfort and is made of soft long lasting nylon fabric in earth tones. With a cozy, colorful orange lining and a clasp that looks like a tiny bone, this pet carrier will keep your pet calm and happy while you are out and about. Flying high and want to take your pet along? [DFR::458657404-2072-ss|align_left_1]The USB Plus is a great travel bag for a variety of pets, from small dogs to ferrets or any animal in between.  This versatile bag can be carried with the handles, over the shoulder, or even as a backpack. Take a few minutes and check out all of these awesome pet carriers, you will be amazed.

Teafco Argo Petascope Pet Carrier Tango Orange Airline Approved

Carry your pet fashionably with the Teafco Argo Petascope Pet Carrier Tango Orange. Made of a dependable 840 denier nylon exterior this pet carrier is very light with a molded padded interior to ensure your pet is comfortable and safe. Mesh windows on all sides allow your pet plenty of air. It’s water-resistant and clean up is a snap. Take your pet for a fancy walk in super cool style! About Teafco Inc.Teafco Inc. is dedicated to manufacturing pioneering and high-quality pet accessories for your pampered pooch. In 2003 Teafco established its headquarters in Southern California and now offers a unique selection of stylish and useful products for pet lovers. The company offers items like ergonomic pet carriers innovative collars and hangers for pet wardrobes all designed with cherished pets in mind. By recognizing that pets are individuals too and reflecting that belief in their products Teafco has earned praise and respect from industry professionals and discerning consumers alike.

Dog Carriers Made To Take Your Dog With You

Take your dog with you in a classic dog carrier!  There are many different ways to carry your dog when you are out and about.

Dog carriers can be worn like a back pack, or they can be worn on your front so your dog can see where you are going instead of where you came from! If you prefer a carrier that is more stylish, you can carry your pet in a beautiful Red Croc Bali Bag leather tote.  This handsome bag is well ventilated and features faux fur bedding that can be taken out and washed if needed. If you are going to be flying, it is small enough to fit under the seat of the plane, so Fifi can collect air miles, too!

There are actually many beautiful travel pet carriers all designed for the comfort of your pet.  The Mediterranean Leather carrier is so stylish it could be mistaken for your purse! It has a harness strap inside to keep your pet safe while traveling. The Garden Tote is a gorgeous painted leather carrier which has mesh on both ends for good air flow and has side pockets to carry delightful delicacies for your pet!

If you just like to travel to the park, a rolling pet carrier might be just the thing for you and Fifi. Fashioned to look like a baby stroller, these nifty carriers will keep your dog safe and secure while you walk.  So go ahead, get a dog carrier and take your pet with you when you travel!

Reduce Shedding with The FURminator

For all of us dog lovers, there is an amazing tool called the FURminator available to rid our pets of loose hair.

Sharing your home with dogs or other pets usually means there is a lot of unwanted hair on your clothing, floating across the floor and settling into the cushions of your furniture. The FURminator can change all that!

Grooming your dog with this handy tool will completely change the way you feel about brushing your dog! It is amazing how much hair you will see pile up around you as you groom your pet. Try brushing your dog with your regular brush or rake, and immediately afterwards use the FURminator. The amount of loose hair removed will astound you.[DFR::456376695-6187-ss|align_left_1]

The FURminator removes up to 90% more hair than a regular brush or rake, reducing the allergens and the amount of floating hair you will have in your home. Gently removing the undercoat, this tool will not damage the top or outer coat of your dog. It works great on both long haired and short haired dogs and cats. The FURminator also stimulates circulation and encourages new hair growth. With three different sizes available, small, medium and large, you will be able to help your pet with shedding no matter what breed of dog you have.

So if you are tired of unsightly pet hair on your clothes and furniture, give the FURminator a try and see the results immediately. I promise, you will be amazed!

Shedding – Time For A New Coat

Shedding usually happens twice a year for our pets. Once in the spring, they exchange their heavy weight winter coats for lighter spring coats, and again in the fall when they change their coat’s back. Shedding is a natural occurrence for our furry friends, but it is a bit of a nuisance if we do not keep up with their grooming. While we like to feel the softness of our pet’s fur, we do not care to see their fur on our floors, clothing and furniture. When brushing or combing our pets, we remove the loose under coat of hair, thereby stopping it from ending up floating around our house. Brushing also stimulates circulation and new hair growth, helping our pet’s hair coat to look and feel healthy.

Shedding more than twice a year can be a sign of underlying health problems, so if your dog is shedding or scratching more than usual, seek out veterinarian’s help.

Short haired dogs shed just like our long haired pets, but since their hair is shorter it is sometimes not as noticeable. Brushing our pets or shaving them prevents excessive shedding and helps keep both our homes and our yards neat.

Cats, both long and short haired, can also benefit from grooming.

Springtime Is Shedding Time – Deshedding Tools For Your Dog

Springtime is the time for rain showers, fresh flowers and… shedding! While the showers and the flowers are nice, shedding is not. Deshedding tools to keep your dog’s hair coat healthy are easily available anywhere pet supplies are sold.

Dog or pet hair floating across your beautiful floors and settling on your clothes and furniture is easily preventable. There are many deshedding tools available for the at home groomer.[DFR::457808753-10582-ss|align_right_1]

Dogs with long hair coats and dogs with short hair coats all need to be groomed to remove the loose hair and undercoat. A popular deshedding tool is the Furminator; this handy tool removes up to 90% of the undercoat leaving the top coat looking smooth, silky, and healthy.[DFR::461162945-10052-ss|align_left_1]

You can also find dematting rakes and combs for the under coat of your dog. The dematting rakes are tools for removing hair that has become matted in your dog’s coat. A combination pin/bristle brush works well on my dogs. This brush has a regular brush on one side, and soft coated pins on the other side, and it is gentle on the dog’s skin. [DFR::454528726-6187-ss|align_right_1]

Slicker brushes also work well as a deshedding tool, removing dead hair from underneath the coat. If you want a comb to remove loose hair from the top coat and the under coat, a bamboo dog deshedding comb does the job quickly and easily. Whatever deshedding tools you use, once you have taken care of the unwanted hair, both you and your dog can take time to smell the flowers.

Help Eliminate Shedding In Your Dogs

With the arrival of spring comes the arrival of shedding in your dogs. It can be unbelievable how much hair our pets can shed. In some cases, it is like removing an entire fur coat from just one animal! Now there is a tool called the Furminator (and other Furminator products) to help with this unsightly problem. It is easy to make your dog look and feel great again with this unbelievable tool. To help eliminate shedding on your dog, brush him with the Furminator and then give him a bath using the Furminator de-shedding shampoo. After your dog is dry, brush him again, you will be amazed at the new pile of hair you will brush out. For those times in between bathes, Furminator also make a de-shedding solution that is sprayed on and brushed out, leaving a nice clean scent.

I have used the Furminator on my own pets, and it easily removes the undercoat but does not damage the top coat. It reduces the shedding in my dogs by up to 90%, and makes their hair coat look shiny and healthy as well.

Furminator also makes highly digestible, nutritious dog treats enriched with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. These treats taste great, are high in protein and low in fat, and dogs love them. Use can use them as a reward after you are finished grooming your dogs.

So if you want to eliminate shedding in your dogs, try the Furminator line of products.

Clean Up Your Dog With A Deshedding Comb

To help keep your home and clothing free of dog hair, groom your dog with a deshedding comb

Grooming your dog is essential if you want her to have a healthy hair coat and eliminate that unsightly hair on your floors and furniture. There are many tools available to you to make grooming your dog easier.

A deshedding comb has rounded teeth so it will be gentle on your more sensitive pets as you aid them in removing loose hairs. These combs aid in the removal of unwanted hair, so there will less on your clothing and furniture. Although, it is called ‘fur’niture, most of us do not care to see fur or hair on our sofas and chairs!


With many products available to help us groom our pets, it is easier than ever to keep our dogs looking great. Shampoos and conditioners, deshedding combs, brushes, as well as dog foods and dog food supplements all keep our dog’s hair coat looking nice.


Grooming your pet is something both you and your dog can enjoy. My own dogs love it when I bring out the grooming tools. I think they are glad to have some help ridding themselves of that heavy winter hair coat, and it must feel good to them as well. A deshedding comb pulls easily through your dog’s coat, removing loose hair and stimulating circulation. So go ahead, groom your dog, both your dog and your home can soon be looking good again.

Pet Dreams Classic Sleep-ezz Pet Bed

Give your pet the perfect place to sleep year round with the Classic Sleep-eez Pet Bed by Pet Dreams. With breathable cotton on one side, keeping your pet cool in the summer, and warming sherpa on the reverse side, your pet will always have a comfortable place to relax. This bed is also perfect for dog crates, plastic kennels, and pet carriers so now your little buddy stays comfortable every where they go! Features: -65% Polyester/ 35% cotton fabric on one side and 100% sherpa on other -Mildew resistant poly fill -Made with bonded poly fill to prevent bunching up in the wash -Baffled stitched to prevent shifting -Fits most standard crates, kennels and pet carriers* -Wash with cold water and tumble dry on low heat -Available separately in plush fabrics Sizes: -X-Small: 13″ W x 19″ D -Small: 18″ W x 24″ D -Medium: 20″ W x 30″ D -Large: 23″ W x 36″ D -X-Large: 28″ W x 42″ D -XX-Large: 30″ W x 48″ D * Please keep in mind that there are no standard dog kennel sizes. Bedding has been designed to accommodate the majority of crates.

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