Cats and dogs can be friends

Cartoons always depict cats and dogs as mortal enemies, but many families have cats and dogs who not only get along, but seem to be best of friends.  So how does this happen?  The key is to gradually and safely introduce the two.  Start out by allowing the new pet to become familiar with its surroundings without the distraction of another animal.  Then, it is okay to put the two pets in the same room, but be sure to have a protective barrier between them.  Once both pets show calm interest without aggression, remove the barrier.  Closely supervise the introduction and correct your pet at the slightest sign of a potential confrontation.

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Educate your children on how to care for their pet

Children without pets commonly ask for a puppy or a kitten.  But here are some topics to discuss with them prior to adopting a new pet.  First, explain that pets are not toys, they are living creatures.  As such, they can be moody, frightened, or just plain sleepy.  They are also a big responsibility.  Get your children to commit to taking care of it.  If your children give it food and water, and clean-up after it, you can instill a greater sense of responsibility. It is also important for your children to realize that pets can be annoying at times and how to deal with it.  Never hit an animal – it will only scare them or cause them to fight back.  Most importantly, go over how to keep pets safe.  Include what to feed your pet, keeping dangerous items away from them, keeping doors and gates closed, and so on.  Of course, don’t forget to mention how wonderful pets are.

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MAX a Pom-a-Pug Mix Puppy

Meet MAX (Pom-a-Pug) Born Feb. 26, 2009 8:30pm, The Mom is a Pug and the Dad is a Pomarenian. He is the cuttest puppy i ever had. I am feeding him a formula i bought at Petco, called New Born. He is the only survivor among the 3 litters. The mom I guess is not ready to be a mommy and killed the 2 first litters and luckily me and my husband was able to wait and save the 3rd litter and raised him since then. He is Max… the new addition to the family.

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7 Dog Training Tips to Should Know Prior to Starting Dog Training

Dog training is very important if you would like to ensure that you and your new pet will be able to live in harmony. Dog training can correct or modify a number of the dog’s natural behaviors, making the dog much more suited to life being taken care of in your home. There are a number of different ways available to train your dog and by following these 7 basic dog training tips, you will find that the training goes smoothly and is fun for both you and your dog.

1. If you are unsure of how to train your dog, seek help.

Individuals that would like to train their dog often have no idea how dog training is conducted or how the personality of their dog will factor into the training process. There are a number of different books and reference materials available to help a person train their dog, and if the owner is still unsure or uncomfortable with the training methods, they can ask a professional dog trainer for assistance and additional dog training tips.

2. Negative reinforcement is the least effective training method.

One of the dog training tips that most dog training professionals wish more people knew is that using negative reinforcement or punishment to train the dog is the least effective way to get the dog to obey you, but is the most effective way of making the dog fearful or aggressive towards you and others.

3. Making dog training fun also makes the training more effective.

Another one of the most important dog training tips to remember is that dogs love to please and are eager to learn in all stages of life, so making the dog training fun for the dog not only makes the training more enjoyable but also makes the lesson easier to learn for your dog.

4. Don’t be afraid to use small treats as rewards.

Giving the dog a small treat for a job well done will not hurt the training process and will make the training more enjoyable for the dog. The treat chosen as the reward should only be given during the training process and on the successful completion of the task the dog was asked to do.

5. Research training products extensively before deciding which to purchase.

There are a large number of different training products on the market today and some of these products are intended for a specific use, not for general obedience training. Some of the products will have features that are not necessary to the training that you are trying to conduct, while some others may have features that will make your training sessions easier.

6. Dog training takes time.

Just as you didn’t learn how to read in a day, your dog will not master a command or a trick within the space of a day. It takes time for a dog to remember and execute a desired behavior after it has been introduced to them, so this important dog training tip is to give the training time to work and the dog time to understand what you are asking him to do.

7. If at first you don’t succeed, try again.

This last tip of the important dog training tips is that if your dog fails to understand a training method or a command, try a different teaching method. Just like different people learn in different ways, different dogs learn in different ways as well.

To find more dog training tips, visit the following site: Free Dog Obedience Training Wisdom. You’ll find free articles that will teach you more about how to train your dog to obey you.

Take Your Pet With You In Deluxe Pet Carriers

Oh, my goodness! Have you checked out all of the amazing pet carriers that are available at There are so many to choose from that I don’t know if I could pick just one! When I think of a pet carrier, the picture I get is the sturdy plastic Vari-kennels which is what I own and use. [DFR::458772520-11035-ss|align_right_1]These carriers are great and an absolute necessity for certain situations, but these new pet carriers are absolutely awesome! These remarkable carriers don’t even resemble the pet carriers I am familiar with.[DFR::PCH007-1641-pj|align_left_1] For instance, the PuchiBag Martini Chocolate Croc Pet Carrier would really pass for a fashionable handbag. This carrier is absolutely gorgeous and no one will no that you are toting your precious pup!

Going for a hike in the woods? [DFR::PEG027-1641-pj|align_right_1]Take your dog along in the Bitty Bag Pet Bag. This fun pet carrier comes with adjustable shoulder straps for your comfort and is made of soft long lasting nylon fabric in earth tones. With a cozy, colorful orange lining and a clasp that looks like a tiny bone, this pet carrier will keep your pet calm and happy while you are out and about. Flying high and want to take your pet along? [DFR::458657404-2072-ss|align_left_1]The USB Plus is a great travel bag for a variety of pets, from small dogs to ferrets or any animal in between.  This versatile bag can be carried with the handles, over the shoulder, or even as a backpack. Take a few minutes and check out all of these awesome pet carriers, you will be amazed.

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