Global Warming May Affect Your Dog’s Health

Most people can believe that global warming affects sea levels and cause weird variations in weather patterns, but how many would believe that the warmer weather is contributing to a deadly disease of our pets? The rising temperatures across the globe may be helping mosquitoes to survive, which, in turn, are transmitting heartworms to our dogs. Despite this dire news, protection for our friends can be found in a simple monthly tablet. Watch this video to learn more.

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You”re killing your dog! Your cat! And your bird! Did you know there are things in your home that you are unaware of that are seriously jeopardizing your animals” health? It”s happening every day in every home. Treats! is a cookbook that contains safe, easy-to-prepare recipes to cook for your pets along with silly facts from around the globe and a detailed list of toxins inside and outside your home that may seriously harm your animals” health. Some pet cookbooks on the market have you cook with toxic ingredients without realizing it, or just concentrate on one specific animal. Treats! is educational and fun to read…the perfect book for people who like to cook for their pets.

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