Dog Training Tip of the Day- Adding a Verbal Cue

This is my dog training tip of the day for today. It is a continuation of the last tip. In this video you will learn how to add a verbal cue to a behavior that you taught with a hand signal. There are three easy steps to teaching a Verbal Cue: Step 1: Give the hand signal 5-10 times to help the dog predict what you will ask next. Step 2: Say the Verbal Cue BEFORE you move a muscle to do the Visual Cue Step 3: Put time between your new Verbal Cue and your Visual Cue. Wait the dog out and see if they will offer the cue without the hand signal. As you could see Kiko did not know what I wanted at one point, and offered another behavior besides the ‘Spin’. Instead of telling her she was wrong, I made a kissy noise and asked her to touch my hand to reset her. If she had continued to guess incorrectly, I would go back a step and give her the ‘Spin’ hand signal again after saying the verbal cue. The more you play this game the faster your dog will be at picking up new cues. Kiko now knows after a few minutes, that ‘Obama’ is the new word for ‘Spin’. DOGS ARE SO SMART! How to train your dog to listen to you how to train your dog to obey voice commands, how to train your dog to verbal cues how to switch from hand signals to verbal cues how to cue your dog with just your voice dog training obedience training canine freestyle clicker training puppy training what you need to know to train your dog how to teach spin and twirl with just a verbal cue How to teach your Chihuahua to spin

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Dog Training Tricks – How to Get Your Dog to “Come” Every Time You Call

You are trying to tell your dog to come here. It ignores you. You try again getting a bit more frustrated. No matter how much you shout at your dog it does not seem to react. There are simple dog training tricks that can make this work so that your dog will come to you immediately, every time.

First, it is important to understand that you dog is ignoring your commands because it doesn’t understand you. You may have tried to teach your dog this command already, and it may now be that what it is thinking you want is different from what you actually want.

Your dog desire is to please it’s owner and the easiest way to teach your dog is to do it for a few minutes each day in the form of play. Make it fun and your dog will learn faster. Also, this is a great way to bond with your dog. Spend those few minutes a day to teach your dog to “come” as soon as you command it.

Use food as a motivator as one of the dog training tricks. Use small one-bite treats as a reward when your dog does something correct, and make sure that you praise with a positive voice at the same time. When you are watching TV, or anywhere in the house, tell your dog to “come”  and give him a treat when he does. Only one treat, though! And don’t do it all the time or the training trick will no longer be effective. Make sure that you use a calm, happy voice.

Make sure that you are consistent in the way you train your dog to come, and be patient. Do this technique throughout the day, changing the rewards, and soon your dog will be happily obeying your command everytime

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? It is! That’s really all there is to dog training tricks to get your dog to come to you.

Many people often come to me for advice on dog training, dog training tricks and I find that the best advice that you can give them is by sharing my experiences with them.

I want to share with you dog training tricks and how to train a dog by inviting you to click on and find out what dog training tricks I have done that are effective.

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Bad Dog!: True Tales of Trouble Only a Best Friend Could Get Away with

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