Air KONG Squeaker Tennis Ball – MEDIUM

Air KONG Squeaker Tennis Ball - MEDIUM Air KONG Medium Tennis Ball is fun for all pets. It is made with nonabrasive tennis ball material that will not wear down pet's teeth. Your pet will also go crazy for the great squeaker. Circumference = 7.06" Heavy Duty High Floating Erratic Bounce Nonabrasive, Nontoxic Felt Cover

Multipet Halloween Medium Loofa 12″ – Mummy

Multipet Halloween Medium Loofa 12" - Mummy The Halloween Loofa Mummy by Multipet, is dressed up in bandages, but it won't spook your pet! The lengthy body is perfect to use as a fetch toy. Inside the soft chenille body is a hidden squeaker that is sure to provide lots of fun. This toy will be your pet's favorite snuggly buddy for Halloween.

KONG Beaver Refillable Catnip Toy

KONG Beaver Refillable Catnip Toy KONG Beaver Refillable Catnip Toy combines the alluring effects of catnip with a fun toy that your cat will love! This toy features the design of a small animal made from a soft plush fabric that are ideal for cats that love to bat around their toys with their paws. The toy also opens up with hidden flaps to reveal an inner cavity that is made specifically to store catnip. KONG Beaver Refillable Catnip Toy also comes with a small supply of high-grade North American catnip that will drive your cat wild. This toy comes in the shape of an adorable beaver- but there are also a duckie version and a hedgehog version available. Your cat will love the enthralling play experience of KONG Refillables, so order today! Key Features: Made with soft, comfortable fabric Holds catnip and is easily refillable Comes with premium catnip refill

Chuckit! Mega Ball Launcher (26″)

Chuckit! Mega Ball Launcher (26") The Chuckit! Large Ball Launcher is one sweet way to exercise your dog...without wearing out your arm. With the Chuck it!, you can throw that ball out of the ballpark over and over again. Use it in the park, in your backyard, or anywhere there is plenty of room. With a little practice you can consistently throw the ball 100 to 140 feet. Description: 26 inches long Made of lightweight durable plastic Uses a large-size tennis ball Designed for hands-free pickup by Canine Hardware inc.

Chuckit! Max Glow Ball – Large

Chuckit! Max Glow Ball - Large This item is Currently Out of Stock and Should be Shipped 4-6 Weeks. Chuck It Max Glow Ball (Large) Designed for the most demanding use by a growing population of fetch enthusiasts, these are not ordinary balls for dogs. For bigger dogs Use with Chuckit mega ball launcher Bright, lasting glow Charges quickly under any bright light No batteries needed

Chuckit! Sport Medium Ball Launcher (25 inches)

Chuckit! Sport Medium Ball Launcher (25 inches) Chuckit! Sport Medium Ball Launcher enhances games of fetch with your dog by allowing farther throws with less effort. The elegant arc of the launcher and its extended design allow for more force to be added to each throw. The cup at the end makes it easy to pick up any medium sized Chuckit! ball or any standard tennis ball without needing to touch the ball- saving you from the unpleasant feel of doggy saliva. Chuckit! Sport Medium Ball Launcher comes with a medium Chuckit! tennis ball so that you can play a game with your dog as soon as it arrives. This particular model of the launcher is 25 inches long- but a 18-inch model is also available for farther throws. Your dog will love the extended throws and games that you can play with this easy-to-use product, so order now! Key Features: For medium sized Chuckit! balls or standard tennis balls Tosses ball 3x farther than normal Picks up balls hands-free

6″ Snowman Loofa – White

6" Snowman Loofa - White Snowman Loofa (6") is great for stuffing your pet's Christmas stockings. Soft yet durable, your pet will love the squeak everytime the Snowman Loofa gets squeezed!

Petstages Dogwood Mini Acorn Chain

Petstages Dogwood Mini Acorn Chain The Petstages Dogwood Mini Acorn Chain contains real wood to provide a chew toy that is both durable and safe. This innovative chew toy combines two diverse textures to keep your dog’s interest piqued. Two wood nodes are linked by a sturdy braided rope to provide fun and floppy movement that your canine will love. The Petstages Dogwood Mini Acorn Chain is ideal for small breeds and works to support your pup’s dental health as he plays. The natural wood included in this product is non-toxic, durable and naturally aromatic to attract dogs’ attention. Treat your small dog to something special with a chew toy made just for him- order this mini Acorn Chain for your pooch today! Key Features: Combines real wood with synthetic strength Non-toxic, durable material is safer than real sticks May support dental health and help remove plaque and tartar from teeth and gums

Multipet Holiday Dog Toy Stockings 18″ – Assorted

Multipet Holiday Dog Toy Stockings 18" - Assorted MultiPet Holiday Dog Toy Stockings are the best way to ensure that your dog gets the most out of his Christmas stocking! Most stockings only offer a place to store goodies for a single day before being lost or tossed in the trash. This stocking, on the other hand, not only stores your dog's toys- but is also a toy itself, so your dog can make the most of his holiday treasure! The MultiPet Holiday Dog Toy Stocking comes with a loofa squeak-toy sewn right in to provide an additional play experience after your pup unwraps his presents. The stocking itself is also made of a soft velour-like fabric that your dog will love! Order this stocking-toy hybrid today to make your dog's Christmas extra special! Key Features: Stocking can is roomy to fit all sorts of toys Sewn in squeak toy to turn a garish wrapper into another delightful toy Available in three assorted styles!

Bettie Fetch Toy Keep Away Kiwi (GREEN) – SMALL

Bettie Fetch Toy Keep Away Kiwi (GREEN) - SMALL Bettie Fetch Toy keeps pets on their paws with the unique erratic bounces. It'll provide your pooch with hours of fun and exercise. Bettie Fetch toy is perfect for playing by the waters or tossing around in the park. The triple prong shape is great for a game of fetch or tug-o-war. The hollow legs allows you to stuff tasty treats for an extra reward to pets. Constructed of durable,non-toxic, high performance rubber and plastic. Measures 6" across This item is temporarily OUT OF STOCK. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please call 1.800.889.8967 for availability.--> You probably do not have the Flash Player installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on the server!