Stuffed Bichon Frise Slippers

Stuffed Bichon Frise Slippers Premium quality soft plush Bichon Frise slipper. Comfort foam non-slip soles. Puppie's head turns 360 degrees. Child size 7 Inches Long.

Hydrosurge® Ultra Clean Shampoo by HydroSurge

Hydrosurge® Ultra Clean Shampoo by HydroSurge Hydrosurge® Ultra Cleaning Shampoo has enough cleaning power to get even the dirtiest dog clean but won't strip the coat of essential oils. It is ideal for long coated animals and animals that are not bathed as regularly as they should be by breaking up and removing tough dirt and animal waste from the coat. Tangerine scent.

Stuffed Border Collie

Stuffed Border Collie Chase Border Collie. Beautifully detailed soft plush in the size of a real puppy. From Douglas. 16 Inches Long.

Stuffed Kelpie

Stuffed Kelpie Cannon is a beautiful lifelike stuffed plush Australian Kelpie created in the Bocchetta family tradition. 16 Inches Sitting. 21 Inches, Nose to Tail.

Stuffed Staffordshire Terrier

Stuffed Staffordshire Terrier Lester is a beautiful lifelike stuffed plush Staffordshire Terrier created in the Bocchetta family tradition. 12 Inches sitting.

Petstages Dogwood Mini Acorn Chain

Petstages Dogwood Mini Acorn Chain The Petstages Dogwood Mini Acorn Chain contains real wood to provide a chew toy that is both durable and safe. This innovative chew toy combines two diverse textures to keep your dog’s interest piqued. Two wood nodes are linked by a sturdy braided rope to provide fun and floppy movement that your canine will love. The Petstages Dogwood Mini Acorn Chain is ideal for small breeds and works to support your pup’s dental health as he plays. The natural wood included in this product is non-toxic, durable and naturally aromatic to attract dogs’ attention. Treat your small dog to something special with a chew toy made just for him- order this mini Acorn Chain for your pooch today! Key Features: Combines real wood with synthetic strength Non-toxic, durable material is safer than real sticks May support dental health and help remove plaque and tartar from teeth and gums

Stuffed Standard Poodle

Stuffed Standard Poodle Soft cuddly premium quality standard poodle from Melissa & Doug. Realistic characteristics perfect for play or display. 21 Inches Long. 25 Inches Tall.

Stuffed Basset Hound

Stuffed Basset Hound With sad eyes and a droopy expression, this Basset Hound from Folkmanis begs for a warm cuddle. Hey, we all need a hug now and then, right? And with his soft plush, you'll want to hug him again and again. 15 Inches Long.

Stuffed Pug

Stuffed Pug A beautiful lifelike stuffed plush Black Pug created in the Bocchetta family tradition. 11 Inches Tall.

Multipet Holiday Dog Toy Stockings 18″ – Assorted

Multipet Holiday Dog Toy Stockings 18" - Assorted MultiPet Holiday Dog Toy Stockings are the best way to ensure that your dog gets the most out of his Christmas stocking! Most stockings only offer a place to store goodies for a single day before being lost or tossed in the trash. This stocking, on the other hand, not only stores your dog's toys- but is also a toy itself, so your dog can make the most of his holiday treasure! The MultiPet Holiday Dog Toy Stocking comes with a loofa squeak-toy sewn right in to provide an additional play experience after your pup unwraps his presents. The stocking itself is also made of a soft velour-like fabric that your dog will love! Order this stocking-toy hybrid today to make your dog's Christmas extra special! Key Features: Stocking can is roomy to fit all sorts of toys Sewn in squeak toy to turn a garish wrapper into another delightful toy Available in three assorted styles!