Cara and the Door Stop (Wire Fox Terrier) Funny!

Cara the Wire Fox Terrier puppy attempts to show a door stop who is boss! No door stop will stand a chance against her. Ever.

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  1. obsessong says:

    Great music accompaniment to this adorable video.

  2. Chipotle77 says:

    This video is hilarious! What a cute dog!

  3. heather330 says:

    i think your dog has something against that door stop lol it was really funny great job

  4. wraith277 says:

    Cara is very cute! and she has nice markings.

  5. pwner9999 says:

    Haha, bark, sniffle, play, bark, sniffle, play. Love those dogs 5/5 :]

  6. jp2v says:

    nice dog, looks alot like our lakeland terrier

  7. dachuxs says:

    All the moves and sounds prove that this is a real wire fox-terrier. It takes time to give up fighting the door stop. You’re lucky to have her!

  8. howardFraga says:

    Now that Cara, She really knows how to spring into action!!!. OOOPS Sorry.

  9. nikosbb says:


  10. MalibuItalian says:

    Adorable video! Wires are one of my favorite breeds. VERY cute dog! Thanks for sharing this video

  11. ozon3k says:

    kawaii ^-^

  12. harvey0007 says:

    omg my dog is excatly the same as tht bt with a catapilla lmao :L:L
    cheak it out on my page

  13. Bellxc00l says:


  14. amirbagatelle says:

    Young or old fox terriers are delightful. Mine is now 13 and a very dignified older lady. I keep coming back to your video though. Cara is one of the cutest pups I’ve ever seen. 🙂

  15. priscillarocks95 says:

    what and adorable puppy i have a fox terrier myself aswell!Terriers are the jolliest dogs ever!Yet your dog could use some grooming!!! but still it is fab!

  16. kleptomom says:

    Cara is very funny. I don’t think that my WFT, Klepto ever did that when he was a little one. kleptomom

  17. patitodebernardi says:


  18. ky21decool says:

    guys join my fox terrier club

  19. bevscorner says:

    She’s so adorable! 😀

  20. pixiesox says:

    I love her markings! Very cute. I’ll have to see how my Dodger likes the door stop at our apartment.

  21. 265401 says:

    anyone want to chat

    im on cam and bored rL

  22. BrettFavre107 says:

    wat’s on the floor?

  23. wpeter11 says:

    I love Cara!! She rocks

  24. starp96 says:

    she is such a cutie!!! i have one too her name is sophia <3

  25. mamatalu says:

    Looks like a weighing scale.

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