Chuckit! Ultra Ball – Small (2 pack)

Chuckit! Ultra Ball - Small (2 pack) Chuckit! Ultra Balls are ideal fetch toys that are made to fly and bounce farther for active dogs. These malleable plastic balls are easy to compress for added durability with aggressive chewers. Additionally, these small ultra balls are sized perfectly for small and petite dogs that often cannot pick up or play with normal sized balls and fetch toys. These balls are also made to float, making them ideal for water play. Chuckit! Ultra Balls come in a small two pack to provide one toy for indoor use and one for outdoor fun. Though this package comes with two small balls, there is also a large Ultra Ball available for larger dogs. Your dog will love these awesome toys, so order them today! Key Features: Two balls for small dogs Floats in water Compatible with small Chuckit! Sport

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