Multipet Holiday Dog Toy Stockings 18″ – Assorted

Multipet Holiday Dog Toy Stockings 18" - Assorted MultiPet Holiday Dog Toy Stockings are the best way to ensure that your dog gets the most out of his Christmas stocking! Most stockings only offer a place to store goodies for a single day before being lost or tossed in the trash. This stocking, on the other hand, not only stores your dog's toys- but is also a toy itself, so your dog can make the most of his holiday treasure! The MultiPet Holiday Dog Toy Stocking comes with a loofa squeak-toy sewn right in to provide an additional play experience after your pup unwraps his presents. The stocking itself is also made of a soft velour-like fabric that your dog will love! Order this stocking-toy hybrid today to make your dog's Christmas extra special! Key Features: Stocking can is roomy to fit all sorts of toys Sewn in squeak toy to turn a garish wrapper into another delightful toy Available in three assorted styles!

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