Petstages Tower Of Tracks

Petstages Tower Of Tracks Petstages Tower Of Tracks provides a multi-faceted toy to keep cats enthralled with a single sturdy play station. Ideal for households for multiple cats, this tower provides three separate levels of tracks that each contain balls that roll and rotate. With non-skid pads attached to the bottom, this tower makes the perfect stationary toy to keep a cat’s attention rapt. Petstages Tower Of Tracks helps stimulate natural hunting instincts and keep any cat engaged in active play. The tower is also great for interactive play, for those pet parents that want to facilitate play by batting balls around the tower to their cat. Whether your household has one cat or many, this toy provides the perfect outlet to keep them entertained and happy, so place an order for this tower today! Key Features: Sturdy construction stands up to vigorous play Non-skid pads prevent toy from sliding about or being knocked over Ideal for individual or interactive play with one or more cats

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