Healthy Dog 2016 Wall Calendar

Healthy Dog 2016 Wall Calendar You know dogs. They’re loyal, lovable, and masters of living in the moment. But do you know how your dog can be earth-friendlier, stronger, and smarter, not to mention healthier, happier, and a better companion to you? The Healthy Dog 2016 Wall Calendar teaches you what your dog should really be eating, learning, and doing. Full of useful information and adorable laugh-out-loud photos, it's bound to help you be a better companion to your dog. Save money, have fun, and create a happier, greener world for your pooch. It's enough to keep your tail wagging all year long.Each month features a tip, trick, or technique to be a better dog companionContains many unique secular like Bike To Work Day and Mercury Retrograde timesCalendar cover indicates Amber Lotus has planted 500,000 trees as an environmental offsetObserves a large number of religious holidays from Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, and more traditions

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