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RuffDawg The MiniBone (assorted)

RuffDawg The MiniBone (assorted) RuffDawg The MiniBone (assorted) Your dog’s bone won’t fall apart with Bones from RuffDawg. These solid-rubber toys are perfect to throw, chew or bury and the mint flavor helps keep breath fresh. RuffDawg Bones will last long enough to keep you and your dog happy. Great for dogs of any size Retrieving or pull toys Rugged and bendable Tear and puncture resistant Gentle on teeth and gums Available in different colors Non-toxic Made in the USA

KONG Bounzer – Medium

KONG Bounzer - Medium The KONG Bounzer is the perfect toy for dog owners who get worn out before their dogs. Designed for self play, the KONG Bounzer acts a squeeze toy, compressing when squeezed and refilling with air when released. The toy comes with a top handle to facilitate tossing and both bounces and rolls easily to give your dog hours of nonstop fun. Whether you are playing with your pets or leaving them to their own devices, the KONG Bounzer is perfect for active pets. Key Benefits: Composed of lightweight material Perfect for dogs to play with owner or by themselves Available in M, L, and XL sizes

Booda Soft Bite Plush Hedgehog – Large

Booda Soft Bite Plush Hedgehog - Large Soft Bite™ Plush toys are perfect for any dog that loves to chew on soft plush for that fun squeaking sound. Available in a variety of fun shapes and characters.

Stuffed Shiba Inu

Stuffed Shiba Inu Traditional craftsmanship, and attention to detail. Handmade in Germany by Kosen using the finest materials. 12 Inches Long, Tail to Front Paw.

Stuffed Pointer

Stuffed Pointer A precious stuffed plush Pointer from the Douglas Medium Floppy Dogs collection. 16 Inches Long.

Stuffed Rottweiler

Stuffed Rottweiler Cuddly, cute and playful. Soft plush with an emotional connection from Nat & Jules. 13 Inches Long.

Chuckit! Treat Tote (2 cup)

Chuckit! Treat Tote (2 cup) The Chuckit! Treat Tote is the ideal solution to training and encouraging your dog anytime and anywhere with treats. This unique product provides a pouch specifically designed to hold dog treats in a container that is lightweight and easy to transport. This pouch comes with a drawstring to close the bag and ensure that treats do not spill. Additionally, the pouch comes with a clip that allows it to easily to attach to your belt or pants. The Chuckit! Treat Tote is ideal for training young pups when positive actions need to be readily enforced. Though this tote is built to hold two cups of dog treats, there is also a smaller size available that holds 1 cup. You'll love the convenience offered by Chuckit! Treat Totes, so buy one today! Key Features: Holds 2 cups of treats Pull tie makes it easy to close and open Clip makes it easy to attach to belt or pocket

RuffDawg – The Stick

RuffDawg - The Stick IF it's not "The Stick" from Ruff Dawg it's just plain wood! "The Stick" is a rubber retrieving and pull toy that's rugged and stretchable and also tear and puncture resistant. Give it a throw and it makes for a great source of exercise, plus it's gentle on teeth and gums. Also safe for use in pools and almost anyplace where there's water. Not to be used as a chew toy. Available in assorted colors Non-toxic Great for medium to large dogs Rugged and bendable Tear & puncture resistant Gentle on teeth & gums Great source of exercise It Floats!