House Training Your New Puppy

House training your puppy is not rocket science, but can be one of the most frustrating concerns of new puppy parents.

A little knowledge about your puppy’s nature can assist you in training him to go in the desired location. The key is consistency and vigilance.

1. Pick a designated area for the elimination area. It can be a spot outside, a doggy litter box, the house training pads or special doggy areas designed apartment dogs

2. Keep puppy confined in a small area, such as a crate or playpen and take him to the designated area at regular intervals, especially after waking, after eating, after playing, and before bedtime. Watch your puppy and if he suddenly stops playing and starts to sniff or circle, he may be looking for a place to go. Take him to the potty area and praise him lavishly for completing the task at hand.

3. Pick a phrase for going to the potty area and use the same phrase consistently. On a weekend, you can set a timer for every two hours and have all family members participate in the potty time. Using this method, most puppies can be house trained in a weekend.

4. Do not scold the puppy or rub his nose in an accident area. They simply do not understand and will make matters worse. If he has an accident, it is your fault for not watching him and taking him out in time.

5. Use an odor neutralizer, (not ammonia) to clean the accident area.

6. If you are gone for a long period of time, you may want to ask a neighbor or a friend, to assist you in taking puppy out for potty time.

7. Do not let the puppy roam the house unsupervised until he is completely house trained.

8. Some people hang bells or other devices on the door knob so the dog can bump it and it will alert you to the fact he needs to go out.

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